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“Everest – a challenge for some, a final destination for others” a visualisation in Tableau that taught me much more than if statements, best practices or context filters.


After watching the movie ‘Everest’ (highly recommended) it was apparent to me how little my knowledge was in relation to the Mount Everest and the people ‘linked’ to it.

It made sense that I should look into it and grab the opportunity to transform the new acquired knowledge into data visualisation. A win- win situation where I could simultaneously learn about Everest, data visualisation and use of Tableau software.

The first difficulty I came across was how hard it was to find data and collect it; I was going through pages and pages of overpowering stories and realities, but none was a database where I could source my data from, at least not in a straightforward way. After much research and factual comparison, I was finally able to collect data from different sites and personal testimonies. By doing so, I realised that the aim of my visualisation would not only be to acknowledge the people that reached the summit, but also the ones that succumbed while trying to reach their goals – the people behind the numbers.

It was then time to transfer all that information into dashboards, which I did by using two time related dashboards in Tableau. The first one with: the summit numbers, the names of climbers that reached the summit, their nationality and gender, the route taken and if they used bottled oxygen or not. The second dashboard would then show: the numbers of the fallen, their names, nationalities and genders, the altitudes where they were last seen (ascending or descending), causes of death and the number of bodies that were recovered or not (click on the image below to interact with the viz)

Those two dashboards were then linked via a dashboard action allowing the viewers to jump from one to another by clicking in one specific image (shape chart).

To know more about this project please visit the blog page.

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