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Enablement... Creators and Explorers

Creators will use Tableau to create their analysis and reports. They will acquire enough knowledge to be able to carry out the daily tasks and provide analytics to others.

They aren’t expected to complete the official certifications, but the internal exams developed to ensure sound knowledge and quantify the skill level.

The skill belt will encompass, five stages with an exam at the end of each stage which will need to be successfully completed before the user continues to the following stage.

Explorers will use the analysis and data sources created by the creators or Data Champions.

The skill belt will also have five stages, including activities around the use of web-authoring capabilities. Foe each stage, the user will have to pass an internal exam before progressing further.

For both skill belts, the users will receive a badge and certification when they pass each exam.




The Exams

Prepare a large poll of multiple- choice questions containing not only technical questions, but also practical ones.

The exam should have a 30 min duration with:

· 16 - 17 randomised theory questions

· 3 - 4 randomised practical questions

What constitutes success?

Success will include the number of users that have successfully completed the skill belts, the amount of people engaged on the internal analytics initiatives and amount of server content that follows best practices, not only at design level but also at performance level.

Metrics for leadership

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