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Enablement... Data Champions

Data champions are the subject matter experts. They will become: trainers, technical support and content creators for the internal user groups, lunch and learns and other initiatives.

A strong analytical and technical knowledge is expected from these users, as well as, attaining the tool official certifications.

In global enterprises, we should aim to have several groups of data champions supported by fellow Analytics Ambassadors.

To warrant a comprehensive know-how, the user should go through official training with a great practical component, furthering the hands-on experience by participating on the several initiatives and driving the data clinic sessions.

The skill belt will encompass, five stages until the first Tableau certification is achieved. If some of the data champions wish to progress, then further steps are added to their journey and more time should be allowed for development.

Learning objectives are added to each stage, to guide end users through their progression.

Given that the users will sit the official certifications, no internal exams are needed; however, to ensure success, mock exams mimicking the official experience should be made available to all users.

The Exams

Prepare a large poll of multiple- choice questions containing not only technical questions, but also practical ones.


The exam should have a 60 min duration with:

· 22-24 randomized theory questions

· 6 – 8 randomized practical questions


The exam should have a 120 min duration with:

· 28-30 randomized theory questions

· 6 – 8 randomized practical questions

Accomplishments should be celebrated in internal communications, allowing other users to see who are the data champions in their area.

What constitutes success?

For this program, success is not only the number of Data Champions but also the number of events, certifications and new internal trainers.

The greater contribution is the growth of a community of subject matter experts and data-driven users, that will share success stories with efficiencies, business value, opportunity and savings.

Metrics for leadership

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